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Mandatory CSL Holders Renewal Process

You will receive your renewal form approximately 60 days before your expiration date. It is recommended you complete the required credit hours by this time.

If you have not received your application, you need to contact the state

You will need to attach a copy of any certificates received showing you completed the required credit hours to your renewal form. You should have received a certificate of completion with course number listed on certificate.(All courses begin with a CS-xxxx) Only approved courses will be accepted.

Any questions on the renewal process, contact Robert Anderson, Chief of Inspections, Building BBRS Administrator 617-727-3200 x25268.

The 12 requirements are:

  • Lead  – 1 hour (for the 1st renewal cycle only)
  • Business Practices/Workers Comp – 1 hour
  • Workplace Safety – 1 hour
  • Energy – 1 hour
  • Code Review – 1 hour
  • Plus 7 hours of electives

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