Membership Options

NEBA for Builders and Remodelers

There are numerous benefits that come with Builder or Remodeler membership in the Northeast Builders Association of Massachusetts. As a member of NEBA, you are automatically enrolled in the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). National membership offers numerous monetary discounts, including automobile purchases, office supplies and hotel and automobile rentals. NAHB members also enjoy a variety of educational opportunities, national networking events, informative publications, pertinent market information and national governmental affairs support throughout the year.

There is never a reason for you or your business to feel like you are alone in difficulties such as winning bids or controlling health care benefits. Your NEBA membership places a tremendous amount of informational and personal support at your disposal.

There is an 80 person advocacy staff at the NAHB in Washington which includes; lobbyists, lawyers, regulatory professionals, economists and public affairs specialists delivering value on your member dollars every day, every hour.

On a local level, our lobbyist representing our association is well respected on Beacon Hill. Together with our Public Policy Committee there is always someone to keep the interests and concerns of the building industry a top priority at the State House.

The cost of a builder membership is $449.00 – STANDARD –  builds 1 house per year, remodelers or not actively building  $549.00 – DELUXE – builds 2 – 5 houses per year $649.00 – PREMIER – builds 6 or more houses, multi-family or condos (includes 1 additional Affiliate membership – a $209.00 value)

NEBA for Trade Partners

It takes many hands to make a house a home, and the hands that help us complete our NEBA mission belong to the Associate members of our organization. Associate members belong to any industry or profession related to the business of building or remodeling of homes, apartments, schools, commercial, industrial, or other structures normally related to a community.  This includes electricians, plumbers, excavators, bankers/mortgage brokers, attorneys, flooring specialists, marketing professionals and more.  Such employment must be consistent with the guidelines and objectives of NEBA.

The cost of an associate membership is based on how large your company is: $449.00 – 1 – 5 employees STANDARD   $549.00 6 – 10 employees DELUXE   $649.00 11 or more employees (includes an additional Affiliate membership a $209.00 value)

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate members work for a company that is a Builder or Associate member. For example a real estate company may have the one person as an associate member and additional people in the office can join at the reduced associate member rate. Note – that associate members cannot vote or run for office at NAHB.

The cost of an affiliate membership is $209.00