10 Reasons You Need to Join NEBA

1. Advocacy

Powerful representation to defend you against excessive regulations the community relating to building. Our lobbyist, Ben Fierro, has been representing our association for many years. He is well respected on Beacon Hill and works with the Public Policy Committee to be sure there is always someone keeping the interests and concerns of the building industry a top priority at the State House.

2. Networking

Build relationships with fellow professionals, customers and suppliers. Our monthly membership meetings, member directory and website will keep you in touch with the most powerful, successful and influential business people in the building industry.

NEBA membership organizes several networking initiatives that you can take advantage of throughout the year. Many of our events, such as the NEBA Awards Ceremonies, Installation Banquet, International Builders’ Show and the Annual Golf Tournament, offer other great chances to meet like-minded professionals in the building trades, make new friends, and solidify existing relationships. Engaging in our networking events is good for your business and gives you an enjoyable diversion from the day to day business stresses that we all know so well.

3. Marketing

Businesses survive and thrive by ensuring that potential customers are aware of the products and services available to them.  Sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available throughout the year and will help your company promote the “Do Business With A Member” motto of the Home Builders Association.

At NEBA, we are continually working on new ways for you to get the word out about your business.  Some of the marketing opportunities currently available are:

  • Website Sponsor
  • Classified Advertising on the Website
  • Event Sponsorship
  • Advertising in the Newsletter

4. Critical Information

The latest need–to-know industry information from NAHB & local changes and regulations that go in effect during the year that will impact your company and they way you do business.

5. Education

As of July 2011, all CSL holders in Massachusetts must complete 12 credits of continuing education in order to renew their license.  As an approved course coordinator, NEBA will offer these courses to members at a reduced rate and keep track of your credits to make your renewal process easier.

6. Resources

In addition to the news and updates available on this website, we are also adding a social media marketing initiative which will establish links between members of NEBA. We have built a Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and Twitter account that can be used to continuously foster connections within the organization and beyond. Furthermore, it will aid you in providing more immediate access to news and information.

If you haven’t already done so, please be sure to “like” our Facebook page as well as those of other members, follow us on Twitter and Linked in, and share information with other members that you think will help them. By sharing and re-sharing information, the whole of our organization becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

7. Expert Advisors

Locally, the NEBA office is available to direct you to the right contact at the State and National levels to get answers to the questions that keep you awake at night.  Chances are if you are having an issue, someone else has already gone through the same process and is available to help.

On the national level, there is a staff of 240 people in Washington working on your behalf developing educational programs, creating networking opportunities and representing your interests in very challenging legislative and regulatory arenas.

8. Member Discounts

In addition to the Member Advantages from NAHB, we have group health insurance plans available to members and a company to manage your 401K that will eliminate your annual plan audits and form 5500 filings.  They will also eliminate plan document and ERISA bond charges. “Group Rates” can significantly decrease cost of investments for participants. A Members Only discount page is available to members to highlight some of the programs available.

9. 3-in-1 Membership

A member of the Northeast Builders Association is also a member of the Home Builders Association of Massachusetts and the National Association of Home Builders.

10. Support NEBA & the NAHB

It’s simple – you need us to be your voice in the government, provide continuing education, networking and marketing opportunities.  We need the power of numbers behind us so that our voice can be heard.  Please consider supporting our efforts today with your membership.