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The Value of NAHB Membership: NAHB exists to serve its members.

Fighting for housing on major policy issues, providing excellent educational programming, and creating outstanding networking opportunities are just some of the ways that NAHB fulfills that mandate.

In 2014, NAHB’s actions on the legislative, codes, regulatory and legal fronts, as well as in other arenas, provided members an estimated savings of $6,882 per housing start as the association resolved numerous issues affecting home builders.

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2016 Membership Challenge

Click the directory button above, if the builders & subcontractors you deal with are not listed, they are not members.
Help support the industry that supports your company.

The person who sponsors the most new members will receive $500.00.

Membership is not limited to people in the “building industry”.

New Member $429.00

Affiliate $129.00 (business partner, accountant, assistants, agents etc..)

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Good Luck!